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Our Initatives

01. food run.jpg


Weekly food packages and hot food are delivered to the elderly, most vulnerable with underlying health conditions, and who are isolating and cannot access any food services.



This over the phone service is helping over 100 families during this difficult period. A weekly chat over the phone call, provides those vulnerable members who are isolating with a friend to give support and boost well-being regularly.

03. online platform.jpg

Online Programmes

Weekly TV programmes been platformed By Euro Genc TV online, IPTV and various social media platforms. These programmes help give advice to the community both in Turkish and
English regarding Covid-19, Health, Well-being, Finance, Vaccinations and much more.

4. Essentials.jpg


Apart from ensuring that those in need not only get their food produce and weekly shopping, but we also have an addition to the project where we feel that the need of the vulnerable is not being supported. This includes pharmacy runs, purchase of items for the home i.e. vacuum cleaner. This highly dependant upon the need and availability of resources.

5. emergency phone line.jpg


An emergency telephone line service was launched during the first lockdown between March and July, a 24 hour service being operated. The aim was to provide an emergency service for those who lacked the ability to access information or could not speak in Turkish.

6.mentla health support.jpg


Minor initiatives have taken place, such as the online quizzes, which helped bring the
community together through a difficult time. Our counselling services are now being
developed to support issues that have arisen during this period.

7. advice line.jpg


The provision of an advice line to help support those in need of advice related to covid, its impact, the direction of government advice, and the development of new schemes formulated to help those affected by covid.

8. Counselling.jpg


Our counselling services are now being developed to support those suffering with mental health, additionally with the development of bereavement services and counselling.

09.whats app.jpg


A WhatsApp line has been launched. Many referrals are being made via WhatsApp line( 07502 708129 ), it's easy and accessible for all. The WhatsApp group is also providing regular information in both English and Turkish to its members.  

10. Breavement counselling.jpg


A Bereavement Whatsapp Support Group has been set up to help our community who are suffering the loss of a loved one due to Covid. Bereavement is never easy with the the circumstances of the pandemic, it has made it even harder to cope with. Therefore, these group sessions were established to support the community by an exceptional experienced counsellor.

11. Vaccine.jpg


In partnership with the NHS, the support group are delivering vaccines from our premises in Haringey Green Lanes under the governments vaccination programme. These drop in sessions will be advertised in advanced and those community members who meet the requirements will be able to receive a vaccination.

12. covid.png


The group will be offering two certificates. Covid Champions Training Certificate as well as a Covid Compliance Certificate for businesses. Individuals who undergo training to gain knowledge on Covid-19 will receive a Covid Champion Certificate on completion of the training. Micro-businesses will be tested to see how Covid compliant they are.  The compliance checks cover aspects such as availability of sanitises, notification on walls and movements systems in place. The group will support local micro-businesses to be as safe as possible and protect the rest of the community.

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